Almost Home New Mexico

Donations made in honor or in memory of loved ones

Everyone who makes a donation can now have a brick put in place to honor someone who has made a difference in their lives or a brick in memory of a loved  who has passed on.

For the brick honoring someone who is alive we ask for their address so a note can be sent out to let them know a donation has been made in their honor.

For both bricks we ask for a picture to place on the brick—the person making the donation and the name of the loved one it is in honor or in memory of. 

Bricks can be for pets or humans. They are different colors depending on whether they are in memory or in honor of. 

Ty Anderson







Joy and Wayne Liebhard.

Ty Anderson








Linda and Russ Jacques

Bob Macaroni





Charles Padilla






Charles Padilla

Ty Anderson













Randy and Bonnie Smith

Ty Anderson







Anna Martinez

Melissa Olson





Robert & Rene Holtam & Family






Karen and Ron Anderson






Laura Roake




Anna & Kirill Wedding







Anna  Krylova





Carmon and Mike






Michelle Harvey






     Michelle Harvey






Lauvern Pawlett