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Pearl is a 5 year old Bulldog that came into rescue after the breeder was done with her. 

You see in his eyes she was “no good” after needing a c-section to get her last litter out.  These people had waited so long to get her to the vet to save money that all the puppies were dead.  Once the breeder realized that she would always need c-sections to deliver her pups he told the woman who whelps them for him to just “get rid of her”.

Luckily for Pearl the woman posted her on  a local website which we watch closely.  I was watching that day and saw the minute the ad was posted.  “Free Bulldog for breeding. Has ulcers in both eyes. Unspayed- can still be used for breeding come and get her.” There was an address listed. 

Well I started talking to Judy from Chihuahua Rescue and since I was at work and couldn’t get away she made arrangements with Tracy from Siberian Rescue to go pick her up. 

That evening after I got off of work I stopped by and picked up this poor girl.  She was heartbreaking to look at.  She had huge soars on her legs and between each of her toes, her eyes were both in horrible shape and both were covered in green infection, she had a horrible discharge due to an infection from the c-section, and most of her teeth were broken from what we believe trying to get herself free from a cage she was kept in.
Well, we brought her here to the property and the next morning she had an appointment with our vet. We had decided the best thing for her was euthanasia– she was in such horrible condition and we just didn’t have the funds to pay for such a horrendous surgery!!!
Well, right before euthanasia the vet’s wife walked in and exclaimed how could we do this. How could we just kill her without even trying to give her a shot after everything she has been through. She knew that between the rescue and her husband we could fix her up and give her a second shot— but this time free from pain and isolation just to produce puppies— her new life would be filled with comfort, love, and happiness. 
Since pearls surgery she has become a whole new dog! We have several applications for her with people wanting to give her the happiness she deserves!!!
We will keep you all posted on this happy ending!!! 


We want to thank everyone from the bottoms of our hearts for helping us get through this.  We really did receive a lot of e-mails and donations to help us help Pearl.  Thank you!!!

We are still accepting donations to help offset the cost of her surgeries.  You can donate with any credit card by following our link or send us an e-mail requesting an address if you would like to send a donation by check.

Of course we welcome visitors to meet the dog/s they are helping so please feel free to make an appointment to come on out!!!       

Pearl eating right after surgery!!  She was very hungry!!

Pearl with one of her best friends Buster!!

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