Almost Home New Mexico

You Can help!!! 

Have you ever wanted to do rescue but think, “I would love to do it if only I had more room, more money, etc”?  Well, how about doing rescue without having to deal without those issues? 


-We need volunteers for special events that we take part in.  We don’t do very many as I work full time however we do take part in a few and we can always use the help.


-We would love to get some volunteers that can do some of our more time consuming tasks- home visits, transport to and from vet appointments, and pickup from shelters outside our area.


-We would love to have some volunteers that would want to come out and pick up a dog or two to take them to the park for a couple hours.  The dogs would love extra attention and it would really help them form the trust that so many need to build to make them the best they can be.  

-We would also really love to get some short term foster homes lined up.  So if you would love to help out and think you can foster that would be a great help.  We need several types of foster homes so would need to have you fill out a questionnaire to ensure fostering is going to be right for you.  


Please send us an email requesting a foster/volunteer form if you would like to help out.  Once we look over the forms we can schedule an appointment for you to come out and meet us and the dogs and then we can discuss what you would like to do to help and when.


Email adopt@q.com


Of course Donations are also always appreciated.. These are the items we always need.


Donations Needed

Unfortunately we are always in need of donations.

Monetary donations through the donation button are always very helpful for vet bills, feed, and other supplies.

 If you would like to send a check, money order, or gift card donation please mail to


Almost Home New Mexico

PO Box 772

Peralta, NM  87042


Please give me a call or send me an email if you have an item you would like to drop off or want picked up.

Donations can be dropped off or I can pick them up in Albuquerque

Here are some items we always need:


Cleaning Supplies



Laundry Detergent

OdoBan (found at Sam’s Club)

Clorox Wipes

Dish soap

Green scrubbers and scrub brushes

Paper Towels

Puppy Pads (bed pads in the pharmacy at Sam’s Club 120 for $25)


Pet Supplies


Nature’s Domain Salmon from Costco

Exceed Lamb and Rice from Sam’s Club

Bully Sticks and Tendons

Rawhides (chips and bones) are great for keeping everyone busy

Raw Bones and Antlers (Mathews Meats on Hwy 314 is where we usually get bones from)

All training treats are greatly appreciated

Canned foods are great for our babies and senior dogs

Toys—all toys for both dogs and cats work great!!

Kongs– all sizes are super!!

Old bedding, rugs, and towels


Bowls, buckets, and small-medium swimming pools

Kennels and Crates (All sizes needed!)


Other Items

Wood pickets and pipe for perimeter fence

No climb horse fence and chain link fencing 5 1/2-6 feet tall to make repairs and build more runs

Railroad Ties/Sand/Concrete

Dog doors

Rakes and shovels

Large bins to store the feed

Trees and Hedges to shade the property more

Almost Home NM

 PO Box 772

 Peralta, NM 87042