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Our Stand On BSL

I want to say first and foremost that this is a touchy subject. I strongly encourage people to educate themselves before taking a stand against any breed of dog!! 


One thing people pushing BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) seem to fail to realize is that anything with teeth can be dangerous!!  Cats, dogs, horses, mice, and yes even our fellow man can be extremely dangerous. So what do we do— ban everything that poses a danger?? I don’t think so!!  That would mean banning human life— they are probably the most dangerous animals alive. Look at our prisons! They are filled with murderers and rapists..


OK Back to the dogs at hand though!!

Visit and click on breed statistics. Pit Bulls scored just as good if not better than some of the more popular breeds (Labradors, German Shepherds, etc) that many people associate with being family dogs.  


Let me point out one key thing about Pit Bulls that many people do not realize.. Pit Bulls were bred to give their all!! Give 110% and more if it makes their owners happy. A Pit Bull says “OK is this what please you.. OK I can do it.. Whatever you want me to do I will do it and do it to the best of my ability!!”


 Yes there is that one issue of dog aggression. However, once taught that fighting is not allowed or if raised with other animals and really socialized they do very well!!  There can be dog aggression in any breed. At this point though when you are dealing with shelter animals– most are not bred for their old time purpose any longer.


You will find few actual “game” dogs any more and most are high dollar working dogs that have been socialized with other dogs– their drive to please used now for a different purpose. Winning in competition– agility, weight pull, obedience, and even herding, drug detection work, and films.  


I have pulled several pit bulls onto my property and integrated them into my pack without any issues at all!! So no one can tell me it can’t be done— that they will kill any animal they come into contact with. I have the knowledge and experience with this breed.. I have also had the pleasure of owning and knowing several other “dangerous” breeds— German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, etc!!!  They are all great dogs— my thing is— they are only as good as their owners no matter the breed!! 


Hey if you are going to put out a breed ban— start with the people where the dangerous dogs are coming from. Ban them from owning animals and your problems should be solved!!!   


Any animal can be trained to kill, fight, or attack!!! Anything in life can be dangerous– we face dangerous situations on a daily basis– sorry “dangerous” dogs (based on their looks) are the least of my worries!! I know let’s start banning anything that may cause harm— cars for causing car accidents resulting in death, prescription drugs because someone might over dose, chickens because someone might put blades on them and fight them, electricity for electrocuting people, oh and each other (ban the human race) because people are killing and hurting each other on a daily basis!!!


Sorry I may sound a little harsh but I think it is absolutely ridiculous to ban any specific breed of animal!! 


  Here is a wonderful picture taken a week after one of our beautiful boys was adopted into a home with a 5 year old and a 10 year!!  This is Happy— a 70 lb Pit Bull with chopped off ears and scars all over his face about 5 years old.. He joined this family and has already proven what a great boy he is!!!  Remember Happy is just one of the many Pit Bulls we have put through our rescue!!!

I strongly encourage everyone to click HERE for information on BSL.  Please scroll down and read the poem in the maroon box called “Bob Was A Pitt Bull”— it is a poem that was written by a child whose Pitt Bull was taken from him because of BSL It is horrible that due to ignorance a child lost his best friend.

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