Almost Home New Mexico

Pack pictures and videos

The pack watching my youngest daughter Miranda.Buster showing Pearl that they are all friends with Roxy coming in to meet Pearl as well.

 “How do the animals live at Almost Home NM?”


The dogs are usually kept in 2 different packs depending on the dog.  If dogs can not get along in a pack then they are kept in 12’ X 12’ runs until they can be with one of the packs. Dogs are also separated when we are not home– kept in crates, runs, and bedrooms depending on the dog and how long we are going to be gone.


We do require that all dogs on the property get along or at least tolerate each other with out fighting. They have a room with which they use 2 doggie doors to get into, they have couches and beds in both their room inside the house and inside the garage.


All the dogs take turns being inside the house with me, my kids, and the cats. Most learn that cats are not to be messed with!!! This lesson is usually taught by our 3 wonderful cats who are very accustomed to teaching and keeping dogs in their place!!! 


Some people will say that is not possible without fights— we have our fair share of arguments in the pack, but they know that ultimately my children and myself are the only true leaders in this pack.  They eat together free fed in a pack, they sleep with each other– sharing beds and such, and they play with each other keeping each other busy throughout the days they are here!! 


We learn everyone’s distinct personalities this way and they learn basic commands as a pack.  So enjoy the pictures taken over the years since we have been in rescue.  Some of the dogs (and cats) are still with us and some have been adopted.  


So please enjoy the photos and then scroll down and you can watch some of our videos or you can even subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Fiona, Pickles, Aero, and Oreo enjoying the evening.Tag acting like a football player dodging just of reach of little Pickles!!Pickles!!!Tug and Joker playing chase!!!Cooper and Xena..  "We weren't wrestling on the couch.. We promise!!!"  Ruger, Magnum, Axe, and Fiona--- "Hold us Alex!!!  Pick me up"  Zoey and Oreo playing tug of war!!!

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